There it was, right in front of our eyes, the ocean. Just two more steps, and we would be in it, feeling its history, embracing its story. We were all silent. No one could whisper a word, no one could utter a sound. We never believed we would ever experience this dream of ours. And yet, here we were, unable to utter anything.

It took a moment before someone spoke out. It was Sarah, the always silent and observant one among us. “It feels like a dream,” she said almost inaudible. We took our time absorbing her words, looking at her at first then looking back at the ocean.

Roman, the most cautious among us, took the first step into the water. The waves passing through her, the sea air expanding inside of her, the way she looked weightless in the ocean’s body was burnt inside of our minds and before we could fully enjoy the feeling, we found ourselves inside the ocean’s body with her.

“This isn’t a dream,” Reva whispered unexpectedly. She had been very sceptical about our runaway plan. We understood her fears and doubts. Leaving there meant escaping to the unknown. She grabbed my hand having been next to me, and I did the same to Sarah as Sarah also held Roman.

“Yes,” I said aloud, screaming it inside, “This isn’t a dream. This is freedom.” And we were never looking back.

A writer that writes for the pleasure of writing

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